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Tour Stroke Instructions

How to Use Tour Stroke
  • Step 1: Position Tour Stroke along your intended target line so the opening aligns with the hole.
  • Step 2: Center ball on the ground directly under the white stick and adjust slide rings for desired stroke length.
  • Step 3: Align your body parallel to Tour Stroke. When aligned correctly, your eyes should be directly above the white stick, making the ball appear to be split into two even pieces.
  • Step 4: Now make a stroke, keeping the putter head low to the ground on the takeaway and follow through. (If you start lifting your putter too abruptly, it will hit the white stick.) A good stroke will result in your ball rolling directly through the hole on your Tour Stroke.

FYI: Tour Stroke has two different size openings — a 2½-inch hole for beginners and a 2-inch hole for advanced players. (We recommend starting with the larger opening and switching to the smaller opening for an additional challenge as your skills improve.)

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